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New Minotaurs and Satyr previews from Gary Hunt Miniatures

Gary Hunt Miniatures is working on some new Minotaurs and a Satyr. They'll be available soon.

From the update:

More Clovis Minotaurs and Satyr are on the way. The 2 new Minotaurs have grown in stature and stand between 45-49mm tall.

The standard itself is 112mm to the top. I haven't yet worked out a price for this large peice and I'm going to have to re-structure my prices a little.
Yes, unfortunately, starting with the Fantasy Warr.. range I will be upping the prices a bit but still staying very reasonable. So get in and order some bargains before my web manager gets on to it in a week or so...
These are multi part kits (the standard bearer comes in 6 parts) so you'll be able to swap heads etc just like the smaller minotaurs and beastmen I've released previously.