New Minotaur & Cyclops WIPs and Jotun Drengr stat card previews from Comfy Chair Games

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 27th, 2012

Comfy Chair Games has been on hiatus for a couple years, but they’re coming back and have some previews of what they’ve been working on.

From the website:

Here at Comfy Chair we are in the process of letting out information little by little that will lead up to our big re-launch. In doing this we are releasing a few pictures of some of the new greens that will be coming your way like the beautiful Cyclops above. Or the Gorgeous Minotaur below. These are just a taste of things to come. During our nearly 2 year Hiatus we have been plotting and preparing for the day we can crawl back into the sun with a bunch of new stuff for everyone. Well, the time is growing near!

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  • meatpuppet7

    Great to see new stuff from Comfy chair, Now give me more Spinespur damnit!

  • damianlz

    I must say this took me completely by surprise, I wish them all the best and lets see what they can do!

    Btw comfy if you are reading, you guys have a great product but need to overhaul your website and get rid of that introduction screen

  • 032125

    The sculpting on the cyclops is great. He’s got just the right balance of muscle and belly to look nasty and brutish. The pose is interesting as well.