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New MiniSculpt releases

Black Orc Games have added a new figure and base to their MiniSculpt discount range. Bearded Lady From their announcement:
Black Orc Games is proud to announce our next two MiniSculpt releases. Bearded Lady sculpted by Ben Bishop and Large Brick - 25mm round base sculpted by Juan Montano are now available for purchase. Bearded Lady is priced at $1.50 and the Large Brick - 25mm round base costs $0.50 each. The Bearded Lady is the creation of Ben Bishop. He came to us with the concept of adding her to The Freak Show, beta statistics and the background story. We think this will be a fantastic addition to The Freak Show. We are very excited that Ben will be re-sculpting some of the existing Freak Show army as well. Look for some amazing figs coming up from Ben, not to mention the world class paint job he puts on them. Welcome to MiniSculpt, Ben.