New MiniSculpt release: Yug k’tar

Black Orc Games have added a new figure to their MiniSculpt discount figure range, Yug k’tar.


From their announcement:

Black Orc Games announces the next release in the MiniSculpt line. Yug k´tar sculpted by Juan Montano is now available for purchase at $1 each. The MiniSculpt line has grown to over 100 figs, starting at $1. MiniSculpt. Make sure to check them out.

Some of you may not be familiar with our MiniSculpt product line. What we do is partner with both professional and amateur sculptors to bring their creations to market. The sculptor submits their figs to us and we pay a royalty on the sales of their sculpts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like further detail.

Zondar has summoned Yug k’tar from the depths of the darkest abyss in the Infernal World, this Squib critter feeds of living prey, to get it, spit a poison which paralyzes at his prey, the unfortunate victim remains conscious while it´s devoured bit by bit

Zondar has released it in his underground labyrinth to eliminate unwanted pests such as witch hunters or ambitious adventurers.