New MiniSculpt release: Wra’arrgh

Black Orc Games have expanded their MiniSculpt range with a new release.


From their announcement:

Today Black Orc Games announces the next release in the MiniSculpt line. Wra’arrgh sculpted by Juan Montano is now available for purchase at $1.50 each.

Wra’arrgh mutant

Last transmission of the colonial ship Tzolkin of archaeological mission in the planet Cygnus 223857-9

I am Maya the Tzolkin’s first officer … We find… a temple at the coordinates 20°40 ‘ 53.7¨N. 88 ° 43 ‘ 0.6¨W initially we think that it was a tomb… but in fact, was a prison. During the compilation of archaeological pieces… a trap-door was… opened, and then a creature called… Wra’arrgh was released…everybody here have died I’m wounded stay away from the planet. I repeat… (Explosion, unintelligible noises)…no. go away. Not, please, oh gods, oh … eearrrgghhh…….

End of transmission.