New MiniSculpt Release: Helga Gutersson

Black Orc Games have released a new MiniSculpt figure, Helga Gutersson.


From their announcement:

Black Orc Games announces the next release in the MiniSculpt line. The Valkiry, Helga Gutersson, is now available for purchase at $1 each. Helga was sculpted by Juan Montano and is offered in 3 configurations: Helga Gutersson Valkiry with Spear and Shield, Helga Gutersson Valkiry with Hammer and Shield, Helga Gutersson Valkiry with Axe and Shield. Please keep in mind that we will be adjusting our pricing in mid-February and more than likely this fig will increase in price.

In the days of necessity the dwarven Gods sent their better soldiers to the battle: the Valkyries They are the ones in charge to take the soldiers that died in battle to Valhalla, but in the days of true danger the Gods allowed them to participate in the battle. Ragnhildur is the strongest and most passionate of all the Valkyries. She has never doubted when facing the most frightful enemies or in entering in the deepest cavern to retrieve the body, dead or alive, of a brave dwarf.