New MiniSculpt release: A'sthoret

Black Orc Games have added a new MiniSculpt release: A'sthoret Demon Assassin. 100_ms_0103.jpg From their announcement:
Black Orc Games announces the next release in the MiniSculpt line. A´sthoret sculpted by Juan Montano is now available for purchase at $1.50. Remember to get your orders in before mid-February to avoid the price increase on the MiniSculpt/Bulk lines. A'sthoret demon assassin There is a forbidden place which name is pronounced in a whisper or can be read in unholy texts written on human skin. This place is inhabited only by demons' clans that have fought during eons and they will continue fighting until only a clan stays, it is said that when this should happen, the demons will be unleashed and consume the universe. A'sthoret is an assassin demon who enjoys the combat like no other demon, he always is looking for the roughest warriors, the most fearsome demons, the wildest beasts to face in mortal combat, and after every victory he incorporates the enemies’ remains into his armor