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New minis, forthcoming rules beta from Clockwork Goblin Miniatures

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures gives us a look at some new minis for Konflikt '47 as well as an update about the upcoming rules.

From the update:

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures are pleased to announce the arrival of their 15mm scale US Medium Grizzly Walker, the 15mm German Thor heavy walker and 15mm light Spinne walker. All three kits will be appearing in our web store in the next two weeks and will be shipping in February.

In addition, variant versions of all our US walkers are now in production for release in March! March and April will also see the release of our German zombies, already in 15mm, at 28mm scale and our US Jump Troopers at both 15 and 28mm scale.

Finally, we are finalising the first draft of the playtest rules for Konflikt '47, our 15mm scale Weird War battle system. We anticipate launching the beta test programme and associated testing forums in the next ten days!