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New miniatures company Capitan Miniatures

Captain Miniatures is a brand new miniatures company.

From their announcement:

Capitan Miniatures has been created to bring to the wargamers and collectors, a new line of wargame miniatures with three principal basis:

1st: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures designed to play with the Capitan Games wargame rules. Our first series will be MASTER & COMMANDER, miniatures of 18mm of naval units (naval officers, sailors, marines, and embarked troops), british, french, spanish and US. The series is done to play our new game of boarding actions in the Napoleonic Wars, MASTER & COMMANDER -CLOSE QUARTERS- that will be available in brief from CAPAITAN GAMES

2nd : New ranges of Miniatures and periods that has not been casted before. In these range we will start with a series of the 28mm Spanish Guerrillas Units in the Peninsular War (1808-18014), and the first unit in the series will be The Lancers of Don Julian.

3rd: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures to complete existing ranges of other manufacturers. We will start with a mini-series of 28mm French Gendarmes d'Espagne, and Spanish Cazadores a Caballo, of the Peninsular War.

The collaboration of the wargamer or collector is essential for us, if you have any miniature or period that you want to see covered for us, send us an email to

Our miniatures are sculpted by some of the best miniature sculptors of the world like Mike Broadbend, and will be produced in Spain by a Joint Venture with WARMODELLING.