New miniatures and Sale at Splintered Light

Splintered Light Miniatures are having a sale and also have several new miniature releases.

Savage Orcs

From their announcement:

Greetings. We are back from Origins and had a great time. Thanks to all who made it a wonderful show.
We have a few new releases up on the website.

15/17mm Fantasy

  • HOOD05 Robin Hood Villains (6) $6
  • HOOD06 Soldiers (12) $8
  • ORC09 Savage Orcs (12) $8

Splintered Lands Range

  • DRFA30 Heroes 3
  • DRRE17 Heroes 2

Also, from now through the end of July we will be running a “Can’t Make It to Historicon” sale. All items will be 20% off, with the exception of buildings and SPACE01 and SPACE02. Please just send me an email at with what you want to order and I will send you a paypal invoice with the sale price.

We are very sad we will not be able to make it to Historicon this year but family obligations (my granddad is turning 90 and my grandma is turning 85) the same weekend keep us from attending.

Also, please note that ORC10 is not yet available but should be at the end of the month or early in August.