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New miniature range from Fiendish Fabrications

Fiendish Fabrications have released a new range of figures - Aberrant Flora. Aberrant Flora From their announcement:
Introducing our new set of miniatures: Aberrant Flora - The Spittling and the Maidenhead Blossom. These strange but delicate little petals are not something that you would wish to find at the bottom of your well manicured garden. The Maidenhead Blossoms sole purpose seems to be to lure men to a ghastly and untimely demise with its voluptuous contours and heady perfume. The Spittling, on the other hand is a bit more direct in its approach, hunting its victims and spitting out a viscous fluid that disables whilst simultaneously implanting its seed genome. The Aberrant Flora are beautiful though sightly deadly. These new models are based on our soon to be released Forest Floor bases.