New Mini Corridor System from LITKO

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Aug 26th, 2011

LITKO have released a new 15mm Mini Corridor System terrain set.

Mini Corridor System

From their announcement:

The Mini Corridor System is designed for use with your 15mm scale miniatures, each tile section is designed with 20mm sized corridor, junction and room tiles that interlock together to make a miniatures game layout. Each component is designed to lock with each other, creating a stable map of tiles that can be used to represent spaceship corridors to ancient dungeons.

The corridor system allows you to pick and choose just the parts you want, and get just the right parts you need.

Visit to see all the possible configurations.

  • TomasT

    Looks like I’m gonna be able to build my “Compact Travel Space Hulk”… Epic Terminators and Genestealers will love this environment. 🙂

  • lordofexcess

    Cool stuff … why didn’t they do a set to start out that match up with what they’ve done for their 28 MM stuff. I guess I’ll wait until the do up some sets to buy in.