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New Mindjammer Releases Available From Modiphius

Modiphius has a trio of new Mindjammer releases over in their webshop. The first is Mindjammer for Traveller. That's bringing two great sci-fi minis game systems together into one. The next is The Far Havens, which is an adventure pack that can get your game up and running in all sorts of interesting places. Finally, there's The Worm Within, a new novel based in the Mindjammer universe. All are available now.

From the announcement:

Explore a Brand New World of Transhuman Sci-Fi Roleplaying For Your TRAVELLERâ„¢ Game!
The Ennie Award-winning transhuman science-fiction RPG setting returns, in a brand new edition for use with the TRAVELLER roleplaying game! This brand new 384-page hardback book includes:

* full rules for starships, organisations, and culture operations;
* detailed character cultures, genotypes, and new careers-play a sentient starship!
* new and innovative systems for describing planets, star systems, and alien life;
* deep setting material on the New Commonality of Humankind;
* rules for the Mindscape and virtual worlds;
* starmaps and planet descriptions, histories and background.

THE FAR HAVENS is a campaign pack supplement for your Mindjammer game, providing rich setting detail for an exotic polity far beyond the Commonality frontier, above the galactic plane, which fiercely resists the inexorable advance of the event horizon probes. Join the Licensed Free Agents and the New Traders: explore this perilous frontier, and fight the machinations of the Commodus sentience and the rise of ancient powers...

In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise fell on the lands of humankind...
It is the far future. Our civilisation, and its glorious technological future, is gone. Only rusted ruins and tunnels beneath the ancient cities hint at what once was. In the Chronomancer's Tower, a young apprentice stumbles upon a secret which will change the world; an ancient evil, little more than a fairy tale to frighten children, is real, and threatening to return. But is everything what it seems? Wheels turn within wheels, and political machinations wrought by selfish men and women bring the world to the brink of devastation. Can Iago and his unlikely allies unravel the knot in time, and fathom the mystery of... the Worm Within?