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New Mighty Armies Box Set from Highlander Studios

Rebel Minis is now offering the Conquistadwarves from Highlander Studios for the Mighty Armies fantasy system. Conquista Dwarves Box Set From their announcement:
We are proud to announce another Mighty Armies box set. This one is from Rod over at Highlander studios and it is pretty awesome - the Conquistadwarves. The Conquistadwarves Box Set includes enough miniatures to create the following units: 1 general stand, 1 Priest stand, 5 warrior stands and 2 Crossbow stands. The SRP on the Box set is $29.95. You can see it and more armies at: "I'm really excited to have the Conquistadwarves included in the Mighty Armies lists. I can't wait to get the Aztorc army and some expansion packs for the dwarves done." said Rodrick Campbell "I like what Rebel/Splintered Light is doing with this. I haven't played yet, but people in the tournaments really seem to be having a great time." Painted by David McBride. The Conquistadwarves are a line of 15mm scale minis created by Highlander Studios. You can see more of their great stuff at Stats for this army and more armies can be found at