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New Meteoric Base Set available from Tabletop-Art

Tabletop-Art brings you more ways to customize your minis with their new Meteoric Base Set. This set is available in 25mm, 40mm, two styles of 60mm, and "big oval." There's only beveled edge bases for now. Round lip are coming soon.

You know, that's a style you don't see too often. Most bases are some sort of forest or field terrain, perhaps desert or gravel, but you don't see much that sort of emphasizes fighting in a place with no atmosphere. Considering the environment suits many sci-fi minis wear, you think you'd see that sort of thing more often.


From the release:

The bases of our new sets "Meteoric Surface" are now available: 25mm, 40mm, 60mm 1, 60mm 2, Big Oval. Round Lip Bases are already in progress :)