New metal Bolt Action SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne box set released

Warlord Games has released their new SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne box set over in their webshop.



From the release:

Out today is our SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne metal boxed set – Frenchmen who volunteered to fight for Germany against the Bolshevik Soviets.

The Second World War saw many confusing contradictions as politics and ideals clashed in epic campaigns that were once thought inconceivable. One such oddity was the Charlemagne division, the 33. SS-Grenadier Division which fought ferociously for the German cause on the Russian front. They were unusual because they were French citizens who volunteered to join the Legion of French Volunteers against Bolshevism, later to be renamed the Charlemagne Division.