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New Mech Battle and Nuclear Submarine from Syrinscape

Syrinscape has another pair of SoundSet Packs in order to enhance your gaming sessions. This time they go to the sci-fi side of things with Mech Battle and Nuclear Submarine. The exciting, explosion-filled Mech Battle is great not just for your rpgs, but could bring a lot of flavor to your sci-fi minis games as well. Meanwhile, the tense feeling of being well below the surface of the ocean, can make you really feel the pressure. That creaking? Yeah, that's just the hull fighting back a deluge of water that could drown/crush you in an instant. Nothing to worry about.
Don't have Syrinscape Sci-Fi, but want to try it out? They're offering a 30-day free trial right now.

From the announcement:

Syrinscape, developer of the app that puts the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, and music, into the hands of the gamer, announces today the release of two new SoundSets for the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player, Mech Battle and Nuclear Submarine, each available for $3.99 from Syrinscape.

The thunderous catastrophe of hellish flame and missile, steel and oil, is that of a 20-foot tall Mech, driven by a slightly insane operator with a grudge. In the new Mech Battle SoundSet from Syrinscape, players have all the sounds of a high-energy, heavy metal battle at their fingertips, with fantastic gunfire, missile explosions, land mines, and the roar of the mighty Mechs themselves. Benjamin Loomes, creator of Syrinscape and host of the popular YouTube gaming show The Dicestormers, suggests pairing the Mech Battle SoundSet with games such as Robotech, Mechwarrior, Rifts, The Strange, Numenera, Heavy Gear, Gear Krieg, Cthulhutech, and Johvian Chronicles.

Players will know they are at fathomless depths as they cruise through the ocean aboard the Nuclear Submarine SoundSet from Syrinscape. As the pressure of thousands of tons of water mounts, torpedoes will fire, pipes will burst and hulls will crack, while the comforting ping of sonar rounds-out the sounds of subaquatic adventure. Loomes’ pro-tip for the Nuclear Submarine SoundSet: Add it to your games of Rifts World Book 7: Underseas, Call of Cthulhu, TORG, Gamma World, D20 Modern, James Bond 007, and Twilight 2000 for an extraordinary gaming experience.

Syrinscape Sci-Fi is available free for 30 days, with a free downloadable player and two free SoundSets to keep after the trial. The Syrinscape app is compatible with a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android Tablets, and ipads. To download the free Sci-Fi Player, or Syrinscape Fantasy Player, with an extensive library of sounds for fantasy gaming, including the official sounds for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, visit Syrinscape.