New Matabele figures at North Star

North Star Figures have received new Matabele models for their North Star Africa! range of 28mm figures.

Matabele rifles

From their announcement:

The new Matabele range from North Star carries on. We have taken delivery from designer Mark Sims, Eight Warriors firing muskets and Eight Warriors firing Rifles. We also have under way a group of characters including King Mzilikazi plus his son and heir Lubengula.

Photos of the newest figures will be posted next week, but the first figures that are ready are photographed here.

The North Star Africa. Matabele range is a 28mm sized line of metal figures, supplied unpainted.

The rules that inspired this range, ‘Death in the Dark Continent’ by Chris Peers carries on as well. Chris has been providing free army lists to download for the last year, and his latest free supplement is on the site now. Supplement 12 is the best so far. This is not a set of army lists, but new rules for Death in the Dark Continent. 

Firstly there are a list of Stratagems. These are ploys that certain armies can use and include such things as Witchdoctors, Drums, Terror and Pantomime Cows.

Secondly there are a series of random events, that only Africa can spring up, Malaria, Funga Safaris and Hippos plus much more.

Have a read even if you don’t play the game. Click on Ruga Ruga Publications, then click on Death in the Dark Continent to read the supplements.

To tempt you to get involved in 19th Century Africa, we have dropped the price of Death in the Dark Continent. The first print run is down to a few last copies, we are re-printing with a new cover but the game remains unchanged. So we are selling off the last copies of the original print at a bargain price.