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New Mascots Available to Pre-Order From Steamforged For Guild Ball

In Guild Ball, each full team must have one Captain and one Mascot. The other four players you can change out as you wish. Since the game's release, there'd only been one mascot available to each team. With Season II, everyone is getting a new one. So if you've not been enjoying the current mascot, or if you just feel like you need a bit of a change, the time is coming where you'll get to do that. Pre-orders are being taken now for four of the new mascots.

As you can see, Naja, Strongbox, Tentacles, and Truffles are there so you can check out what the mini will look like. The pre-orders are available for both the metal and the resin versions.

But wait. Wrecker's in there, too? Well, Steamforged has announced that they'll have a limited number of him available at Gen Con. I know he's the one I'm wanting the most of the new mascots (with Tentacles coming in second for my Fishermen).