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New Marder I Tank Destroyer from Warlord Games

Warlord Games is here to help out you German commanders with your little "Russian Tank" problem. They've released their new Marder I Tank Destroyer kit. Originally made from reconfigured vehicles and re-purposed guns, these tank destroyers eventually started to give Russian tank-drivers a bit of a pause. The destroyers were armed with the deadly Pak 40 gun, the main armor-piercing gun of the time.

From the release:

We really do spoil you folks, don’t we?

This week, we have some Anti-tank reinforcements for the German generals amongst you, in the form of the deadly Marder I.

The Marder I was a German World War II Tank Destroyer developed in May 1942 to tackle the new Soviet KV1s and T-34s. Rather than design a whole new tank to do so, the Germans took captured French vehicles such as the Lorraine, the Hotchkiss H39 and FCM 36 – as well as less effective Wehrmacht tanks such as the Panzer II and 38(t) and used them as the basis for makeshift tank destroyers by pairing them with captured Soviet 7.62 cm Pak 36(r) guns, or in later versions – the deadly Pak 40.