New Mantic Undead Sets shipping today

By tgn_admin
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Jan 21st, 2011

Mantic Games is beginning to ship their new Undead miniature sets.

Zombie Unit with Command

From their announcement:

Today sees the the official release of 3 brand new box-sets for our Undead range: The Zombie Regiment with Command; The Ghoul Regiment with Ghast; and the Ghoul Regiment.

The warehouse is incredibly busy shipping out all these sets, so if you have pre-ordered then you will be getting yours very soon.

We have also started shipping the Zombie and Ghoul upgrade kits that we have been swamped with requests for.

So the Zombie Command and the Ghoul Ghast are on there way to you now as well.

  • Maybe I’m blind, but what are the “Zombie and Ghoul upgrade kits” they are talking about? Seems to be different from the Command/Ghast, but I cannot find them on the new release page…

    • Darsc Zacal

      Initially Mantic only offered the ghast with the purchase of a box of the ghouls, and the zombie command with a box of zombies. This upset a number of customers who had already purchased dozens or even hundreds of the ghouls and zombies previously and did not like having to puchase additional boxes of unneeded mini’s to get these new figures.

      Mantic listened to their customers and put them up for sale seperately on their online store.

      So that’s that about that. Good on Mantic for listening to their customers concerns.

  • supervike

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