New Mantic Games Undead available for pre-order

Mantic Games have added the second wave of Undead releases to their online store and made them available for pre-order.


From their announcement:

Today sees the second wave of plastic miniatures from Mantic’s fear causing Undead range set free from their Master’s wicked claws. Well, less dramatically, we mean they are available for pre-order ;).

Four brand new box sets are now available for pre-order, including the Balefire Catapult and Battery, the Omens of Death Detachment and the eagerly anticipated and utterly grotesque Ghoul models.

Capable of flinging a torrent of magic imbued skulls at the enemy, the Balefire Catapult is an unholy machine of destruction that inspires terror and hatred in equal measure. Available as either a single box set or as a battery, the Balefire Catapult comes with a complete skeletal crew and gives the Undead the ability to reap serious carnage on the battlefield. To see these new sets, you can find the Balefire Catapult here and the Balefire Battery here.

The Catapult is also included in the new Omens of Death detachment, combining the Skeleton Regiment set with this arcane warmachine, all in one deep (48mm) carry case box – a great start, or addition, to any Skeleton force. The Omens of Death Detachment is available now from the webstore and can be found here.

And last, but by no means least, the Ghouls. Simply put, we believe them to be some of the best plastic fantasy figures ever produced. Devolved, cannibalistic creatures, the Ghoul box set offers a choice of heads and weapons, and interchangeable torsos and legs. These parts give a massive choice of poses and modelling options. (They are also disgusting and depraved enough that some have said they might use them as Zombies, or other disturbing creatures of the night.). They come in boxes of 10, and have an offer on a 3 pack multi-buy.

You can find more details on the Ghoul Troop by clicking here, and the new Ghoul Troop Deal here. Please go and have a look at our new offerings and put some comments up on the blog.

Finally, the Skeleton Regiments start shipping next week, so the pre-order deals finish Sunday night, and look out for them in the post, or your local gaming store soon. All these fantastic new box sets are released in February, and available for pre-order from the webstore.