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New Mantic Orc Greatax sprue and Army Deals

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the plastic Orc GreatAx sprues as well as details of some new army deals. From their announcement:
Yesterday was pretty exciting as we received a box from the folks at Renedra containing the sublime plastic Greatax sprue (which some of you eagle-eyed viewers noted pictures of in our Army Deals and new Greatax sets now available for pre-order). Well, check it out below: Renedra and Bob Naismith have produced a blinder – you’d be mad not to have at least one unit of these hardened veteran Orcs in your collection. So much so in fact, we’ve bundled 20 of these figures in with our new Horde Army Deals: Garlak’s Monstrous Horde contains over 120 figures, including a limited edition Orc Wizard, 20 of the forthcoming Orc Gore Riders (and an Orc Krudger on Gore with which is lead the cavalry charge.) as well as, well everything else we’ve planned for the initial release plus more (The Goblin and Mawbeast were too hard to resist).