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New Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Hub Page

Mantic Games have posted a new hub page linking to information and background about the Abyssal Dwarf range. From their announcement:
It’s been up and running now for a week or so, but our brand spanking new Abyssal Dwarf Hub Page is officially live. These Hub pages are the first of many improvements to come to our site and contain everything about a race you need to know including links to the army lists, galleries, artwork, kits and much much more. The Abyssal Dwarf Hub includes links to background, concept art and the awesome Rankings HQ-TV Video, and that's just for starters. In between moving warehouse, releasing the most impressive Mantic range yet, gearing up for all the exciting things coming at the end of the year and planning an awesome Open Day event, we’ll be adding Hub Pages for all the races if you like them (Orcs are next.), dedicated Kings of War and Dwarf King’s Hold sections and anything else we can think of during our lunch breaks, all in an effort to make things a bit easier to find and a bit more fun and exciting too.