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New Manta Prowl Tank released for Judge Dredd

Warlord Games has a big release for Judge Dredd. This time it's the Manta Prowl Tank. Cruise around Mega City 1 in style with this kit. Baddies won't know what hit 'em when you go in and uphold the law.
"I am, the Law!"


From the website:

Today marks the arrival a major weapon in the fight for law and order in Mega-City One – the huge Manta Prowl Tank is the largest resin models we’ve ever released!

The Manta Prowl Tank was the Justice Department’s answer to a growing crime wave. Often regarded as a mobile floating fortress of anti-crime measures, the Manta can strike fear into the heart of the most desperate perp and is fully capable of dealing with entire riots by itself. With clear skies, the Manta can reach great speed and features a Peterson High Intensity Laser Cannon with adjustable wide beam mode, stumm gas dispensers and riot foam jets as its primary armament; allowing it to tackle anything from an angry mob to the most heavily armoured vehicle. In addition, the Manta is also armed with two twin-linked fast action anti-personnel lasers and can be further modified with heavier weaponry as the situation demands, potentially making them the equal of any battle tank in terms of firepower. On board holding cells can imprison up to thirty perps.