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New Malifaux Podcast - Malifools

Malifools is a new Malifaux podcast with a difference. They've got a couple episodes up for your listening pleasure.

What do you get when you cross two old men with pink t-shirts and Malifaux. Yep you get the Malifools, and now they are doing a podcast!

I can promise you that its unlike anyother Malifaux podcast you will have listened to.

For starters the presenters are rubbish at the game, so don't expect indepth model reviews, crew optimization tips or tales of glory at tournaments. Its more like a few friends down the pub telling stories and saying 'if only I had flipped the red joker I would have won' Oh and stories of how they've finsihed bottom of yet another event.

There are 3 episodes so far and the plan is to do new content every couple of weeks, though like the podcast itself, thats more of a guess than an absolute.

So if you like Malifaux and want something different on your generic mp3 player, then give the Malifools a chance.