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New M41 Carro Comando command vehicle for Bolt Action

Warlord Games knows that a tank offensive is not going to reach its full potential without a good tank commander. As such, they've got their new Carro Comando vehicle. You can't have your commander just running around on foot, they need to be able to be right up in the thick of things, and so, this vehicle will help get you there.

From the website:

Players of Bolt Action Italian armies receive a new command option this week in the form of the M41 Carro Comando to lead your forces!

The M41 was based upon the M13/40 medium tank chassis, and was designed as a Command Vehicle to lead Semovente formations. Four were assigned to each Semovente Battalion, and later they were also used to lead Semovente 90/53 self-propelled gun batteries.

Goniometer direction finders were fitted to the M41s, as well as better telescopes and rangefinders to allow the commanders better navigation and direction – they also carried maps, plotting equipment, and a pair of radios.

Early examples carried the twin hull-mounted Machine Guns from the original M13/40 – but as the war progressed, these were upgraded to a Breda heavy Machine Gun. This kit includes both weapon options allowing you to build your M41 as you choose.

You can find rules for the new M41 command tank in Tank War.