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New M113 APC from LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard has more going on than just terrain. They've got their new M113 APC now available over in their webshop.

From the release:

LaserCutCard has just released our first vehicle. This is a generic armoured personnel carrier (APC) based on the US Vietnam-era M113.

It is made from 1mm heavy card and features a rear hatch with access door, two side hatches, three top hatches plus an engine compartment hatch on the front.

The hatches can either be glued open or shut (but are not hinged).

There are extra parts included if you want to leave off the side hatches .

It can also be built as an open topped version (model not shown). There is some interior detailing.

It is in 30mm scale and can be used to represent any modern or futuristic APC.

It is available singly for $19 or as a pack of three for $45.