New Lizardmen available to pre-order from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Jul 28th, 2013

Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for those of you games who want their new Lizardmen models as soon as they’re available. Be the first kid on your block with these new figures when they’re released.
… I just might have to get a couple for my Blood Bowl team.

From the announcement:

The defenders of the old world rise up

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  • blkdymnd

    I like a lot of the new stuff, I won’t touch GW product, but it looks pretty good. But the Bstilidon is probably one of the weakest models I’ve seen in the newer ‘bigger is better’ GW range. Just very uninspiring and lacking a lot of detail.

  • Moriarty

    Looks plenty detailed to me, I really like the new Lizardmen range, I think it’s very characterful all told. Credit where credit us due.

    Unfortunately the prices are too hard for me to swallow.

  • Veritas

    This new range of lizards is great. It kind of makes me want to dig out my army that hasn’t seen the light of day in many a moon.

  • Gallant

    Guess I’ll be ordering the Lizardmen Auspicious Phalanx…oh wait, no. I briefly forgot that I’m a sane adult with real world things I can do with money other than fill my mom’s basement with plastic kits.

    • Daniel36

      Yet still you are here, on a website largely dedicated to said plastic kits, commenting on plastic kits, instead of spending your time on real world things as well… Intriguing.

      I quite like this release. Won’t be starting a Lizardmen army but I am hopeful to at least encounter a couple more now, and the new kits are pretty amazing.

      Worst would be I’d order the Carnosaur for a Chaos Lord to ride on… That could happen…

      • Soulfinger

        At least he is saving rent money by living in his mother’s basement.

  • surprize

    Bastiladon! I choose you!

    Warhammer monsters – gotta catch ’em all.

    • Gallahad

      Lol! The big crystal thing is pretty corny, but overall I think it is a decent release. Everything is priced way beyond what I would be willing to pay, but I am sure it will make some people happy.

    • oldsalt


  • Hexenjaeger

    “I Hate GW” VS “Imma Buy All This”…KUMITE!

    • Soulfinger

      I hate it . . . and yet, I must buy it . . . I hate . . . myself. Kihon.

      • Daniel36

        In the world of GW, there is no in-between. You are either a fanboy or a hater.
        Didn’t you get the memo? Now make up your mind so I can either agree or scoff at you!!