New Little Wars Revisited 54mm releases from Black Hat

Painted Rifle TrooperBlack Hat Miniatures have added several 54mm miniatures to their Little Wars Revisited range.

From their announcement:

We have just added the following 54mm Toy Soldiers to our Little Wars Revisited range:

  • LWR003 Line Infantry Trooper £3.00
  • LWR004 Line Infantry Officer £3.00
  • LWR005 Rifle Brigade Trooper £3.00
  • LWR006 Rifle Brigade Officer £3.00
  • LWR007 Fusilier Trooper £3.00
  • LWR008 Fusilier Officer £3.00
  • LWR009 Grenadier Guards Standard Bearer £3.00
  • LWR010 Line Infantry Standard Bearer £3.00
  • LWR011 Fusilier Standard Bearer £3.00
  • LWR012 Rifle Brigade Trooper (Home Service Helmet) £3.00
  • LWR013 Rifle Brigade Standard Bearer £3.00

These all come as 4-part kits.

Glossy sets of these figures will be released over the next couple of months.