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New Litko WWII tokens compatible with Axis & Allies Land Minis

LITKO have released a new set of tokens for use with games such as Axis and Allies Minis. Axis & Allies Land Minis tokens From their announcement:
This WWII land combat token set is compatible for use with the Axis & Allies® Miniatures: Land War Rules by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. These tokens are thicker than the stock tokens (1/8th inch plastic), more durable and easier to pick up than the stock cardboard components supplied with the game. Each is designed as a 19mm circle to match the look and feel of the original components. This set includes:
  • 5- Disrupted
  • 5- Damaged
  • 4- Destroyed
  • 3- Overwatch
  • 3- Objective
Note: Axis & Allies is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. Litko Aerosystems is not affiliated with Hasbro, Inc, and this product is not endorsed by them.