New lists and a points calculator for Unbridled Fury

Furidion Games have released new force lists as well as an army point calculator for Unbridled Fury.

From their announcement:

It’s been a bit busy over at Furidion Central but we’ve managed to release another four new company lists for your gaming pleasure:

  • Dogograd Battalion 36 – a loyal regiment stays loyal, even though its own city shuns them;
  • Dwarfs of the Highland Clans – not all Dwarfs live in holes: some love the brisk mountain air!
  • Maximum Squad – More armour, more guns, more head-kicking power. An uncompromising sci-fi themed list.
  • Renegade Militia – rebels with attitude, and telepaths for officers. So much for jamming their comms…

We’ve also got a new Windows program in beta for calculating the costs of your models’ profiles. It, along with the new Company Lists, are ready for download on our Downloads Page.