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New line of 15mm European buildings from GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures is also giving you some more terrain options with their latest 15mm buildings.

From the release:

This is a new line of buildings that I'm very excited about. These kits feature great looks, fast building times and reasonable prices. These are perfect for people that don't want to spend a lot of time assembling but want something that looks great when it's done.

This new series of buildings is being released in 15mm for Flames of War or other 15mm gaming systems. There are 8 buildings in the series at this time and the line will certainly grow in the future.

These kits feature a main structure being laser cut MDF and the half timber details being laser cut matboard. Having the half timber details as separate parts makes assembly and finishing very simple, just build the main MDF structure and paint it your choice of color (no need to even fill the seams, the half timber details will hide them) and then glue on the half timber pieces (painted or not). You can have a fantastic looking building in minutes.

As a test I even assembled one of these kits straight "out of the box" without any sealer, no putty, no sanding, not a single drop of paint ,,, just assembled as delivered and even I was surprised how nice the finished model looked after only a few minutes of assembly.

Of course you can do all the detailing you like if you want to make these models into amazing showpieces. Even some of the resin cast details made for our resin "Town and Village" series kits are compatible with these kits, for example the 15MTAV113 Doors, Windows and Shutters kit and the 15MTAV025 chimney kit and the 15MTAV115 Dormer Window kit.

These kits are CAD designed to insure amazing accuracy and guarantee frustration free assembly. First I design them in 2D CAD and then I virtually "assemble" the kits in 3D CAD before the first parts are ever cut.