New Limited Edition Nagash model available from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Aug 24th, 2014

Games Workshop has a new limited edition Nagash model they’re taking orders for over in their webshop.



From the website:

The ultimate collector’s item for the truly loyal devotee of Nagash. This Webstore Exclusive edition is limited to just 750 copies worldwide! Grab yours before they are gone.

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  • darkendlight

    $105 a lot for a model that size.

    • odinsgrandson

      He’s a big mini, and while $105 still might be a lot, it isn’t so crazy as all that.

      The price tag on his rules set is the one that I can’t get over. Sure, the LE version is over priced at $165, but that’s what LE versions are for.

      But the normal version is $85, and the ebook version is $80. (You can get a novel about him for $30, but no rules there).

      They’re advertising that the rules for him are in the White Dwarf- which if it actually contains all the rules you’d need to ever play him, that’d be pretty all right.

  • Lemminkaeinen
  • Mananarepublic

    It sounds pretty awesome with such a huge narrative for wfb

  • lobster-overlord

    The model is NOT listed as limited on the GW site. The Nagash book set that goes with it IS listed as 750 copies. It is the $165 book set with all the plates and slip cover.

  • mweaver

    The books come in a limited and an unlimited version. The Nagash model is not limited, as lobster-overlord notes.

    He is a pretty big model. Not exactly my thing, so I will have to think about it though. Some of the other new undead forces in the pipeline will be more tempting for me, I think.

  • The Beast Rampant

    More Michael Bay character models.

    Still, better than the Nagash from the 90’s. That thing was awful.

    • What? You didn’t like the old Nagash Lawn Dart mini?

      • odinsgrandson

        Yeah, that skeletal clown with a Christmas tree on his head was the best mini ever.

        It might be pretty funny to see him fielded with the new epic rules set. Especially if GW is keeping with their “old base sizes are still good to go” policy (although it would be funny to mount old Nagash on a massive base too).

        The new mini fits in pretty well with GW’s lineup. They don’t really do subtle or understated.

        • The Beast Rampant

          And to make it even better, the “official” one was painted 50+% Georgia Bulldogs red, as were ALL their minis at that time.

  • KelRiever

    I hope someone recasts that in about 1 week. Seriously, limited edition gimick to get people to buy stuff never ceases to bother me.

    Wait, why do I care? Nobody plays current GW games within 100 miles of me that I could stand to be in the same room with.

    Back to happiness with old stuff!

  • The Beast Rampant

    Because making it LE is the only was they could possibly justify charging you the OTHER arm and leg.