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New Legion Weapons Available To Order from Forge World

If Games Workshop gives you anything, it's options. I've known that since I played 40k back in the 2nd edition-3rd edition days. Nothing has changed in the interim years, as I realized when putting together the Betrayal at Calth set and decided to magnetize everything. The Sergeants, alone, required 10 magnets apiece. Well, now Forge World is giving you even more options, by releasing 17 different weapon kits in their webshop.

As you can see, options, options, options!
There's combi-weapons, volkite culverins (not even sure what those are, but I can order them), autocannons, rotor canons, heavy flamers, heavy bolters, volkite chargers, volkite calivers (same with those two), plasma guns, seeker bolters, graviton guns, flamers, melta-guns, and four different types of bolters. *phew*

I might need some more magnet kits...