New Legion Praetors in Power Armour and Terminator Armour available from Forge World

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jun 1st, 2013

Forge World has their new Legion Praetors in both power armor and terminator armor available over on their website.

From the website:

The Legion Praetors set contains two incredibly detailed multi-part resin models, designed by Edgar Skomorowski. One Praetor is clad in artificer-modified Cataphractii armour, armed with an ornate paragon blade power sword and a Volkite Charger, while the other wears ornate artificer-modified MkIII ‘Iron’ armour and carries a fantastically-detailed archaeotech pistol, as well as a mighty paragon blade power sword. These two characters are fully compatible with Forge World’s Terminator and MkIV weapon sets, allowing for a great variety of wargear options.

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