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New League of Augsburg cavalry from Pendraken

Pendraken Miniatures released several sets of new League of Augsburg cavalry minis over in their webshop.


From the release:

After getting held up in the moulding queue, the new 10mm League of Augsbury cavalry are now available! The figures are all checked and are going into production moulds in the next couple of days.

The first of these new types are in hat with the option of sword or pistol, and have their swords on the waistbelts instead of the crossbelts. Along with a small epaulette on the right shoulder, this makes them suitable for use as French cavalry. The second half of this release sees the addition of cuirassiers to the range, along with their command.

League of Augsburg
(All packs are £4.50 and contain 15 cavalry)
LOA29 - Cavalry in hat, with sword, waistbelts
LOA30 - Cavalry in hat, with pistols, waistbelts
LOA31 - Cuirassiers in helmet
LOA32 - Cuirassier command in helmet

Hope you like them!