New Landsknechts from Artizan Designs

Artizan Designs have released several new packs of Landsknechts figures.

 Landsknecht Halberdiers Attacking
Landsknecht Halberdiers Attacking

From their announcement:

The latest Landsknechts are now on sale at Artizan Design.

  • REN014 Landsknecht Command II x4 £5.00
  • REN015 Landsknecht Halberdiers Attackingx8  £9.00
  • REN016 Landsknecht Officers x4 £5.00
  • REN017 Landsknecht Looters x4 £5.00

All figures are 28mm sized metal, supplied unpainted.

Painted examples by Dave Woodward. The paper flag is not included in the pack but is one of the flags available in the modelling section of the Artizan website.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all TGN readers.