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New Landsknecht releases from Warlord Games

New Landsknecht releases from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has released their fist sets for their Italian Wars line (part of their Pike & Shotte series). They include a Landsknect hunting party, guard set, pikemen, and command (both standing and advancing). I tell you what, those are some fashions we need to bring back today.


From the release:

Out today are the first of our new range of Landsknechts for the Italian Wars 1494-1559. Part of our acquisition of Pro Gloria Miniatures, these are just the start of a glorious-looking range – there’ll be lots more from this beautiful range over the coming weeks! First up come the Pikemen that formed the core of Landsknecht armies, along with their command groups – each represented both standing and advancing. In addition we have two of the extremely characterful sets that make this range so much fun to collect and paint. Ideal for adding more atmosphere to your battlefield, there are plenty more like this on the way. ‘Guard Duty’ depicts three soldiers gambling away their pay when they should, perhaps, be focusing more on their job as guards. Scenes like this are often illustrated in old books and where part of daily Landsknecht life. Hunting was a common pastime for rich nobles. One hunter is loading his crossbow, while a nobleman and a commoner each handle dogs. The last hunter has a falcon on his left hand and a boar-hunting spear in his right.