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New Lance & Laser Sci-Fi Orcs at Armorcast

Armorcast has some new Sci-Fi Orcs as part of their Lance & Laser line available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Oc Master Shawn Lux adds to his line up of Post Apoc and Zombie Orcs. A fat and gnarled Orc boss with tech gear and guns leads the way. Jumping into action is a mutant two-headed orc from the wastes and finally a putrid zombie Orc.

LLSC302 Wasteland Orc Boss $9.99
LLSC301 2 Headed Mutant Orc w/ Bionic Arms $9.99
LLSC200 Zombie Orc w/ Club $9.99

Available now. Remember, All Lance & Laser miniatures are 20% off until 1-31-14 and check out the Robot Townies as well!