New Kromlech online store and sale

Kromlech has a brand new online store. And if you order from them now, you’ll even get a special deal.


From the announcement:

Hey guys,

Boy, do we have some good and important news today!
After many months of tests, trials, going through differrent versions and different templates, we have finally managed to start our online store.
We know this is also good news for many of you, as we have received numerous requests and questions about the possibility of shopping at our store instad of eBay.
As always, an important event calls for celebratation so we would like to open up with a bang. Or the First Salvo!
Until the end of this weekend (PST), all items in our offer are discounted by 15% when buying from our online store.
Without, further ado, we are very happy and proud to invite you, look around, log in and have a nice shopping. We promise to send you some awesome resin bits and minis in exchange.

Thanks a lot for your patience and support through the years.