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New Konflikt '47 Pre-orders Available From Warlord Games

The Italians were a major player in WWII. And as the war drags on into 1947, they have kept up with the other powers in creating intricate suits of armor and other future-tech. These new kits are available to pre-order now from Warlord Games for Konflikt '47, as well as the Defiance supplement, which adds this army to the pantheon already engaged in the war.

The weird war of 1947 envelops more of Europe as the Italians split to join both Axis and Allied forces. Plus new weaponry is introduced in the brand new supplement, Defiance, to take your Konflikt ’47 games to a whole new level!


Prepare for action with the latest Italian Heavy armour squads, for either those loyal to Mussolini with the Centurion Heavy Infantry or those loyal to King Victor Emmanuel III with the Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry…