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New Kolony sci-fi releases from Pig Iron Productions

New Kolony sci-fi releases from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions has some new Kolony Sci-Fi figures releases available over in their webshop. From full figures to accessories, go and have a looksee what they’ve got.


From them to you:

Today marks the release of some new 28mm sci-fi products for the Kolony range – System Scavengers. As you would expect from us the figures come with separate heads and backpacks for a wide range of customisation within this and the other Kolony ranges.

There are 2 complete packs of figures plus the head/pack sprue is available separately. Figure packs are £10 + postage and heads/equipment packs are £5 + postage.

Also released this month is a generic sprue of pouches – ideal to use on a wide range of figs and periods.

As a bit of background to these new figs…

Within the Kolony range we’ve always wanted to expand the ‘System’ concept and introduce some ‘less military’ style figures and characters. In the background, a good friend of ours – Martin Howarth has been expanding on ideas we bounced around at the start of the Kolony concept and has steadily worked these up into a full length novel that fleshes out the Kolony-wars back-story and drops our figure range right into the heart of this brutal conflict for a savaged and poisoned world.

One aspect of this developing fiction so far not covered by our range are System Scavengers – highly motivated but ruthless seekers of tech, data and resources lost within ‘The Burn’. These small bands of well equipped irregulars work independently of the Systems local military presence to fulfill their clandestine missions. Scavenger squads typically consist of a core of scientist or technicians and their heavily armed guards and scouts. These less than savoury characters are often recruited from the darker fringes of their specialist fields, where ethical boundaries are blurred or simply ignored.
Their methods are often regarded as extreme even by the System military and there are unconfirmed reports that link them to a number of atrocities committed during the reconquest of Kolony.

The first 2 packs represent the armed guards and workforce that make up a large part of a Scavenger column. Their kit is extensively personalized; their armour less advanced than regular System Troopers, consisting of heavily reinforced fabric overalls and smocks under armoured vests and ballistic plates. They utilise a wide range of infantry weapons and equipment but rely upon their armoured transports for heavier support.

The next releases will expand the Scavenger range in to different weapon options, technicians, workers, scientists and characters.