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New Kolony Rebel Sprues available now from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions has new Kolony Rebel Sprues to help customize your forces.

From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our 28mm Kolony Rebel Squad Leader sprue. The multipart sprue contains 3 sets of legs, torsos and heads - enough to make 3 complete figures. These continue in the same vein as the other rebels but we've given the heads caps and comms to set them apart from the rest of the rank and file. As you would expect they are fully compatible with the other rebel body parts to give you even more variety.
As with our last few releases we've made the sprue into decorative rubble that you can snip up and use to add character to your bases. This sprue not only contains rocks and rubble but broken machinery and general mechanical debris.
The sprue is available to buy now off our web store and will be filtering into our overseas dealers over the next few weeks.

Cost is £6.75 + postage for 3 x multipart figs.