New Knuckleduster releases at Fall-In

Knuckleduster will be releasing two new sets of figures at Fall-In.

Glengarry light infantry

From their website:

I’ll be releasing two new 1812 sets, and one new 28mm Old West set at Fall-In (visit the RLBPS booth):

The first are Glengarry light infantry and US Rifles in short Kersey roundabouts. The Glengarry infantry were dressed as rifles, but armed with muskets, giving them different kit to actual rifles. The US rifles wear the short grey coats that were issued at the start of the Niagara campaign, and don leather “yeoman crown” shakos (with one in a fatigue cap). The rifles switched from felt to leather, but the new caps did not have a false front (see Osprey 345, The United States Army, 1812-1815). Also, I’ve depicted an order of dress that includes a cartridge box in addition to a shot pouch, powder horn, and cloth belly pouch (they eventually switched to leather, but did not carry a belly box, which was more bulky). The cartridge box is favored by re-enactors in the assumption that prepared rounds would have been made up and carried to make life easier in the field.

The Harper’s Ferry 1803 rifle had no carrying strap.

Here are seven gunfighters for the price of six. This set is entitled “The Marvelous Seven,” which is not me being immodest about my sculpting, but rather an obvious pop culture reference . . .

I will have these ready to put out there on the web next weekend. I will be off the grid the remainder of this weekend.

p.s. Command for the Canadians in round hats will be ready by then as well.