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New Knuckleduster releases

Knuckleduster have added several new packs of figures in their 28mm War of 1812 range. From their website:
More releases this morning. I've created three new sets to expand the selection of officers and NCOs in the US army of 1814. The first pack is US officers. The officer on your right is wearing a blanket roll as seen in Renee Chartrand's tome on US uniforms, and an epaulette on the right shoulder only, making him a platoon officer. The others are field officers with two epaulettes. They wear the 1813 officer's coat, which appears to have lace, but in fact has blue "twist" at the breast and collar. The next set of figures are NCOs in the late war blue coatee. These are all sergeants.   The final set for today is a collection of three NCOs in roundabouts (grey for the Niagara campaign or white for Southern climes). This set includes one corporal and two sergeants. That's all for today. I have three versions of the US artillery on the sculpting table right now. The finished sets will include figures in both old and new shakos.