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New King Tiger Tank With Porsche Turret From Warlord Games

You know, when people say, "I want to drive a Porsche" I doubt most of them are thinking about this. However, I know that there's at least one person I can think of that's thinking exactly this sort of thing. Warlord Games has released their new King Tiger tank with Porsche turret for Bolt Action.

Though, overall, the King Tiger tank was a bit "late to the party" in terms of reversing the course of how the war was going at the time, in local engagements, it could swing a battle by its sheer presence. This turret design was actually the loser in the contest to see which turret would go on the tanks. However, the new turrets weren't available when the first chassis were rolling off production lines. As such, fifty King Tiger II tanks had the rejected turret mounted on top of them.

Now you can add this "should've never been" tank to your Bolt Action forces.