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New Kensei and Nemesis Releases Available From Zenit Miniatures

Zenit Miniatures has their latest releases for both Kensei and Nemesis available over in their webshop. So whether you want your fantasy with a Far-Eastern flavor or more of a ... I'm not exactly sure what sort of flavor Nemesis is... It's really kind of its own thing... but anyway... If you want either, you've got some options over in the Zenit Miniatures webshop.

For Kensei, there's a new set of cavalry as well as a Samurai Painting Kit (so they're not all Silver Samurai, if you know what I mean... get it? ... get it?... anyway...). As for Nemesis, there's the new Watchtower (it's a character, not a terrain piece) and a Great Swordsmith (as opposed to just the "mediocre swordsmith").