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New July Releases Available to Order for Kings of War

Kings of War is exploding this July. Mantic's Edge of the Abyss campaign looks to greatly add to the game, and hopefully bring in lots of new players. Mantic has filled up their webshop with lots of new releases, and they continue to add to it. This time around, it's the Tree Herder, Vampire on Undead Pegasus, Spell & Magical Artifact Cards, and some new Movement Trays.

From the announcement:

With the Kings of War Edge of the Abyss summer campaign just around the corner, Mantic Games is adding to its ever-growing Kings of War releases with new accessories and new miniatures. All are now available for pre-order from the Mantic website or in your local gaming store.


The forests of Mantica are dark and primordial – trackless leagues of untamed wildness. The ancient Tree Herders patrol deep within these woods, protecting their homes with age-hardened might. This mighty monster stands around 150mm tall and can be used in Elf or Forces of Nature armies. Manufactured by Mantic's new in-house resin department, the Tree Herder is packed with little details on the branches, like a bird's nest and fungi growing up the Tree Herder's leg.


Mounted on an Undead Pegasus, a Vampire Lord becomes a sky-borne predator of terror and fury, picking off the choicest targets at will. This is a multi-part metal miniature, that can be fielded in your Undead army.


Have you ever been in the heat of battle and forgotten what an Artefact can do or which spells your magic user has? Well, now you need never fear! With this handy deck of playing card sized cards you can quickly have all the information you need at your fingertips. The set includes all the Spells and Magical Artefacts from the core rulebook and the Clash of Kings supplement.


Finally, Mantic is adding to its existing range of movement trays with new 40mm and 50mm versions. With these movement trays you can rank up your large infantry or large cavalry, if they've already been based on 40mm/50mm bases, or you can flip the tray over and stick the miniatures straight to the pre-textured side if you prefer to multi-base your armies.

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