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New Judge Dredd Releases from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has several new Judge Dredd releases now available over in their webshop. First up is a two-pack with an SJS Judge (Who Judges the Judgers?) and a Cursed Earth Judge. After that, they have the Assassination Droid (for all your assassinating needs!). Next there's the street judges armed with stub gun and lazooka (a weapon as fun to say as it is to shoot0. Finally, there's the Oz judge on trike (big wheels never go out of style).


From the post:

This week sees increased activity on the streets of Mega City One (and beyond!) – with a bundle of releases for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game!

SJS Judge and Cursed Earth Judge

Who judges the judges? The Special Judicial Squad was created to form an elite team of ex-Street Judges who would be charged with rooting out corruption within the ranks of the Justice Department. Highly effective at their work, the SJS is rarely appreciated by other Judges – especially as they are no less likely to fall to corruption than those they judge!

A judge that can no longer deal with the stresses and hardship of keeping the dangerous streets of the Mega-Cities safe will often elect to take the ‘Long Walk’ – leaving the city to see out their days in the Cursed Earth to bring justice to that most lawless of places.

Assassinator Droid

‘Operation Doomsday’ was an all-out assault on the Judges of Mega-City One, orchestrated by crime boss Nero Narcos, in order to overthrow them and seize control of the city-state. Narcos unleashes thousands of Assassinator-class robots in what is often called the Second Robot War.

Street Judges with Lazooka and Stub Gun

Add some heavy firepower to your Justice Department forces with the fearsome Stub Gun and Lazooka!

The Stub Gun came to prominence during the Apocalypse War as East neg One invaded Mega-City One. These experimental but hugely powerful weapons had the deadly side affect of overheating and blowing up but under the extreme conditions the Judges found themselves in they had little option but use them. Capable of slicing through Sov Strat-V aircraft, Radsweeper heavy tanks and the dreaded Sentenoids they helped the beleaguered defenders strike back at the Sovs with deadly effect. The Stub Gun is now a specialised but integral part of the Justice Department

Oz Judge on Trike

Lastly we have this thoroughly cool Oz Judge from Down Under, complete with his three-wheeled Lawmaster. Fans of the Dredd series will no doubt want to field this chap as Oz Judge Bruce as featured in the classic ‘Oz’ storyline – Bruce forbade Judge Dredd from capturing sky surfer Chopper lest a riot break out at Supersurf 10, allowing said hoverboarder to escape into the Radback…

This mounted Oz Judge perfectly complements the Oz Judge foot figure from the Judges of the World boxed set.